Whether just beginning their fitness journey, or an experienced gym-goer, we’ve witnessed all kinds of mistakes that members make while working out. While many of these blunders are mostly harmless, and can easily be fixed, others put the member at risk for injury, or take away from the experience for other people trying to enhance their health and fitness.

At Oak Street Fitness, our goal is to provide the most comfortable, effective, low volume gym in uptown New Orleans, and to ensure this, we want our members to avoid any common mistakes when they come in to get fit, so we’re here to give you a few examples of what we’ve seen most often, and some advice on how to correct these errors.

High Expectations

Especially among members just starting to reach for their fitness goals, they come in with high expectations for visible results in a short amount of time. This kind of outlook, while optimistic, is detrimental to their overall experience, and will quickly take the wind from their sails when they don’t see a chiseled body in the mirror after a few days of lifting and performing cardio.

Getting in shape takes commitment, motivation, and a whole lot of time. If we could achieve a six-pack after performing 50 situps a night for a week, there wouldn’t be so many people struggling with their weight. When you sign up for a gym membership, you need to know that it’s not a one and done process. You’ll have to keep coming back, week after week, staying consistent with your routines, as well as eating right when not at the gym, to see the results that you’re chasing after. Don’t be discouraged! Seeing just a little improvement will give you the motivation to stay with it, and after enough time, going to the gym will feel like second nature, and a permanent part of your schedule.

No Plan

While the first step of getting fit is to show up, just standing in the gym, unfortunately, will not help you lose weight and build muscle. You need to have a plan, and stick with it. We see a lot of people come in and strictly do curls because they just want to build their biceps to be able to flex to impress. Or they walk around aimlessly, randomly jumping on any available machine and do a few reps, only to get back up and appear lost again.

While doing anything is better than nothing, this won’t create progress in the long run. Along with a routine schedule, you need to have a set plan. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscles, or just maintain the shape you’re in, you need to plan accordingly. Know what you want to accomplish that day, and follow through with your plan. The results will come in time.

Leg Day!

We know you didn’t join the gym just to get massive, bulky legs. Aside from maybe a tiny group of leg enthusiasts, no one does. But strengthening the muscles in your legs are critical if you’re taking your health seriously. While there are many looks and styles these days, we’re pretty sure that chicken legs aren’t one of them. So, although you might not look forward to it, make sure that you always have a leg day set in your workout schedule.

Skipping Warm Up

You’re ready to lift! We get it, but that doesn’t mean that you should jump right into your routine. Warm-ups are key in getting your body ready for the workout, and will massively decrease your chances of pulling a muscle, or suffering any other type of injury. Even if you’re in a hurry and short on time, be sure to get a warmup in before you start lifting. Stretching and performing bodyweight exercises such as jumping jacks and lunges is more important than you know when it comes to a proper, safe exercise.

No Consistency

As stated above, it’s important to have a plan, and even more important to stick with it! It can be easy to lose focus and stray away from your fitness program. If you lack consistency, you won’t be achieving any of the results that you’re striving for. Go to the gym with a plan, and follow through. If the machine that you’re hoping to use is occupied, have a plan B, or move on to your next exercise until the machine is available. Another common faux pas is to stand around waiting. This not only hinders your success, but also makes the member using the machine feel awkward and rushed.

Improper Form

Following proper form and technique at the gym is quite possibly the most important aspect to your progress. Using a machine, or performing a workout with improper form will be detrimental to your fitness journey, as well as puts you at high risk for an injury. With our low volume boutique gym, and certified trainers committed to your success, simply ask one of our personal trainers if you’re not sure how a certain machine works, or the correct form to build muscle. We’re here for you, and will happily show you the right technique.

No Rest or Hydration

We respect your dedication, we really do, but skipping your rest time or not drinking enough water doesn’t convey power or strength, it just means that you’re asking for an injury, or to pass out from lack of water. Your body needs the rest, it gives your muscles and joints the recovery time it needs. Hopefully we don’t need to tell you how important it is to keep your body hydrated as well. Although we do provide complimentary water, it’d be a good idea to bring in your own bottle to prevent multiple trips to the fountain, interrupting your workout time.

Eat Right!

Not giving your body the nutrition it needs to lose weight and gain muscles is more common than you’d know in the fitness world. It should be common sense, but if you go get a greasy fast food burger after leaving the gym, you won’t see results any time soon. If you’re unsure about what makes up a healthy diet, we also provide nutritional coaching to help you become the best version of yourself.

Oak Street Fitness

Have you found yourself guilty of one or more of these common mistakes? No worries! We’re not judging, but if you’re dedicated to your health and fitness, you’ll want to avoid repeating these blunders. At Oak Street Fitness, we’re ready to help you along the path to your fitness goals. With our low volume facility, you won’t have to worry about crowds, or not getting the attention you need to get fit. Our team is ready to focus on you and your workouts. Looking to join our boutique gym in uptown New Orleans? Contact us today to join!