Whether it happened after you got winded going up the stairs, while trying to squeeze into clothes that fit a few years back, or you witnessed your belly conceal your belt buckle, you’ve decided to better yourself and get into shape. Countless people have this epiphany daily, yet very few follow through. Getting in shape requires dedication, focus, and a lot of time, and this throws a lot of people off when they realize the level of commitment required to reach their fitness goals.

Motivation is required when beginning your fitness journey, and oftentimes the idea of getting in shape isn’t quite enough to spark the fire. At Oak Street Fitness, your local gym in uptown New Orleans, we love that you’re ready to become the best version of yourself, so we’re here to give you a few tips to tapping into that necessary motivation.

Join Our Gym With a Friend

Like most things in life, committing to a routine workout can be difficult to accomplish on your own. Finding a like-minded friend or family member who is also ready to lose weight, build muscle, or stay in shape will give you that extra push to get to the gym. Not only will you help motivate each other, but hold one another responsible for staying on track.

Set Goals

When you first start working out, make a list of goals that you’d like to reach. Whether this be a certain amount of pounds you’d like to shed, a certain weight you’d like to be able to lift, or a distance you’d like to run, having goals keeps you focused and dedicated to maintaining your exercise regimen.

Hire a Personal Trainer

No matter what you’re looking to achieve by going to the gym, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just to help with your overall health, it’s good to know the right exercises, routines, and techniques to reach your fitness goals. Searching the internet can provide a little bit of information, but not quite like a personal trainer. Our trainers are all certified and dedicated to helping you get the results you want, and they’re pretty darn good at it. Whether you’re new to the gym, or have been hitting the weights for years, our personal trainers will provide you with the information, exercises, and techniques that you need.

Small Motivators

There are also a lot of small hints and motivators that you can use to spark that motivation you need. Get creative! Only wash your hair on days that you go to the gym, put your workout clothes by the door so that it can silently judge you as you come and go until you make your way to the gym, leave motivational notes for yourself around the house. Anything that gets your brain thinking about exercising, and possibly making you feel guilty when you don’t go, will help to keep you committed.

Get Results

Although it takes some time, one of the strongest motivators to get you to the gym is when you first start to witness visible results. There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror and seeing yourself a couple pounds lighter, or seeing muscles that you didn’t even know existed when you had a little extra weight. Once you see all of your hard work begin to pay off, you’ll be in it for the long haul.

Oak Street Fitness

Having the realization that it’s time to start taking care of your body is step number one, step number two is signing up for your membership. Our boutique gym in uptown New Orleans not only has all of the equipment, amenities, and certified trainers that you need, but we keep the amount of members at any given time small, so that you don’t feel like your rubbing against the shoulders of other gym-goers, or waiting all day for a piece of equipment. Be sure to join today!