First off, welcome to our blog! We’re happy to have you here and we’re looking forward to providing you with helpful fitness tips and information down the road. Here at Oak Street Fitness, our passion in life is our health and we aspire to spread that devotion to you and others in the uptown New Orleans area. We thought that before we delve into any specific blogs, we’d like to share with you a little bit about our gym and some of the services that we provide.

Our Gym

One of the most frustrating things about modern gyms is the lack of space and equipment for you to focus on yourself and your own fitness goals. Whether you’re waiting for the desired machine, or just trying to squeeze through the huddled masses to get some water, it’s certainly not the right environment to keep you motivated and attentive to your body’s needs and your workout strategy. Not only that, but to seek out a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness journey is akin to finding a needle in a very large, sweaty haystack. At Oak Street Fitness, our goal is not to have the most visited or crowded gym around, but instead a gym where our customers can receive the attention they need while also having the space to move around. In our low-volume gym, that is exactly what you’ll find. We offer a low number of memberships throughout the year so that our customers get the quality of fitness and devotion that they deserve. Our team is made up of highly-trained and knowledgeable trainers ready to share their expertise with you! If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, or just want a gym more conscientious of your goals, sign up today and receive your free fitness consultation. You won’t be just another client, instead you’ll be our focus and part of our team.

Our Services

Personal Training

Getting in shape is easy, right? You work out, you eat well, and boom… you’re a chiseled athlete. Unfortunately, as many people going into it alone find out, it is not that simple. Reaching your fitness goals requires commitment, routine, a healthy diet, and the knowledge about what your body needs and what works for you. Everyone is unique, and their body’s function in different ways. An exercise strategy that worked for a friend of yours won’t necessarily work for you. So, although there are a lot of resources online to provide good advice, nothing compares to getting guidance from an expert. Our certified personal trainers will work one-on-one with you to customize a strategy that best fits you. We create an individualized and comprehensive exercise program that is tailored to meet your goals. We’re passionate about fitness, and our prime focus will be helping you to reach optimal health.

Nutrition Coaching

Working out is only half the battle. You could work out everyday, but if you’re grabbing take-out or ordering pizza every night, you won’t be seeing positive results any time soon. Not only is nutrition often overlooked, but it’s also constantly misunderstood. Especially in this modern age, it seems as if every week there is a new diet telling you to cut out this macronutrient, or to only eat this, etc. While diet fads come and go, the truth remains that no“body” is the same, and a proper nutritional program needs to be customized to what works for you. Our team of nutrition coaches have over a quarter-century of experience in nutritional coaching, and right from the start they will begin working with you on a plan. Using the most current nutritional sciences and years of expertise, our coaches will determine your body’s needs and develop a strategy for you. For competitive athletes, we also offer the IIFYM nutrition coaching program. This approach is very intensive and is only recommended for those preparing for a physique competition or a major event.

Our Blog

We will constantly be updating our blog with new material to help you along the way to reach your fitness goals. From “The Importance of Stretching to Avoid Injury” to “Things to Pack In Your Gym Bag,” make sure to check in to receive some workout tips and information. Also, if you live in the uptown New Orleans area and are looking for a local gym that’s dedicated to you, contact Oak Street Fitness today and learn about our gym membership options. We look forward to seeing you soon!