You’ve been gifted some free time in your otherwise chaotic day. After racing home, you give your dog a little bit of love, apologize for only being there so shortly, grab your gym bag off the counter, and hit the road again. Your endorphins are released before even walking in to the gym. All day you’ve been hoping and praying for at least a little time to clear your head and get a much needed workout in. In the locker room you hastily change into your fitness clothes, lace up your sneakers, and grab your… oh no. You’ve forgotten it. Your mind races with alternative options but you know nothing will suffice. There’s no time to go back home. You’re just going to have to suffer through your workout without that one special thing that keeps you pushing.

At Oak Street Fitness in uptown New Orleans, we provide all the traditional amenities you find at the gym and more, but we know that everyone has their own technique when packing their bag. Some have a special towel, others require their lucky socks. Assuming that you already have workout clothes, shoes, and a gym bag, here are six items that are always good to keep packed for your trip to the gym.


Not only for your own personal hygiene, but as an act of courtesy for those around you, it’s important to always have some form of deodorant packed in your bag. Especially after an intensive workout or a one-on-one session with your personal trainer, the sweat washes away all of the good scents from your last shower. Even if the odor doesn’t upset you personally, the rancid stench might be preventing one of your gym neighbors from using a desired piece of equipment, or even standing in a workout area that you’re occupying. It would also be respectful to the world outside of the gym; you may be proud of your workout, but that doesn’t mean society has to smell it. We recommend getting an extra stick of deodorant specifically for the gym since it is such a common household item and is often left at home by mistake.

Water Bottle

We do provide water at Oak Street Fitness (we’re not monsters), but it can be extremely beneficial to bring your own refillable water bottle. Hydration is crucial while at the gym and it can be a pain to constantly take trips to the water station, as well as it cuts into your exercise time and can cause a lack of focus and motivation. We recommend a large insulated bottle so you can reduce the amount of trips to the water jug as well as keeping it cold to keep you refreshed.

Extra Clothes (especially socks!)

Especially when you’re planning on going out after the gym, whether grabbing a beer with some friends or just going to the grocery store, having an extra set of clothes goes hand in hand with packing extra deodorant. Aside from your new shredded physique, the world does not need proof that you hit the gym. If not for them, do it for yourself, there’s nothing worse than walking around hearing the squish of your sweat soaked socks with every step you take. We recommend an entire outfit of fresh clothes, but if you pack just one thing, please make it a pair of socks.

Clean Towel

We have a bountiful amount of clean, washed towels to absorb your hard-earned sweat, but we understand that some people are a little thrown off by the idea of using towels that have been previously used by someone other than themselves. So, don’t worry, we won’t be offended when you bring a personal sweat rag to the gym.


Music can be an efficient source of motivation for the gym. Whether smooth, classic jazz gets you in the zone while running on the treadmill, or Norwegian heavy metal gives you the strength to finish your weight lifting set, there aren’t many people that find influence in listening to the grunts and moans of others working out. Headphones have become a popular commodity at the gym, if not a necessity, so nothing can take the wind out of your sails like unzipping your bag and realizing your workout will be sans music. Just to be safe, consider getting a pair just for the gym so that this nightmare doesn’t happen to you.


We’d like to believe that every member at Oak Street Fitness respects other people’s property and would never steal a thing, but the fact is, there is always a bad egg no matter where you go. For your own security we highly recommend getting a lock for your locker to ensure that your things will be there waiting for you after you’re done with your workout.

Oak Street Fitness

At Oak Street Fitness we believe in the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle and we’re proud to provide our members with a low-volume space in uptown New Orleans where they can receive the attention and focus they deserve. We offer 24-hour access to our gym as well as one-on-one personal training with our certified personal trainers, and nutrition coaching to ensure that you’re eating right while reaching your fitness goals. If you’re looking to join a gym where you don’t feel crowded or uncomfortable and get the guidance you need along the way, contact us today and learn about our membership options. Don’t forget to bring your gym bag… packed and ready to go!